August 31, 2019 9:00 pm
Black Rock City, NV

Burning Man 2019

The contagion is certain to spread when The Man burns in:

Pathogen Trackers: Burning Man Theme Camp

The Pathogen Trackers is a Burning Man theme camp made up of an elite group of scientists, botanists, engineers and research specialists deployed in the field for real-time sampling and treatment of pathogens capable of entering their host and evading immediate destruction by the host’s immune system. The Pathogen Trackers camp is governed by the PCC aka the Pathogen Control Center.  The PPC is a non-profit organization responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of non-bacterial, infectious diseases.

Our Mission

The Pathogen Trackers are focused on serving our fellow man.  All are welcome!

“At a time when the inhabitants of Black Rock City are in need of food and water, and shelter from the midday sun’s relentless heat, our camp is here to help provide sustenance to the people of the playa.”

– Captain

The Pathogen Trackers camp provides elements key to human survival. Everyone is welcome to partake!

Camp Founders

Capable of operating in extreme environments, under adverse conditions, the founders of the Pathogen Trackers camp work tirelessly, each contributing to the best of their ability, while always striving to bring out the best in each other.  Each member of the team participates according to their personal expertise and professional skill set.


Camp Leader


Infectious Diseases


Camp Engineer

Lettuce Green

Interior Design


Camp Manager


PCC Commander


Logistics Supervisor

The Twins

Cultural Liaisons

Ex Ray

Dancing Neuro Radiologist

Boy Boy

Lead Carpenter

Social Steve

Social Director

The Rohan

Playa MacGyver

Field Reports

PCC 365: Protecting People from Pathogens, Always

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Pathogen Tracker Vehicles

With the assistance of the PCC, the Pathogen Trackers camp has been entirely created through the acquisition and refurbishment of medical and military surplus equipment.

Pathogen Trackers Base Camp

County Road 34, Gerlach, NV