Trans-Continental Antenna & Satellite Uplink

The Pathogen Command Center has acquired two, thirty-foot communications trailers, each affixed with a 50-meter, heavy-lift antenna system. 

Communications Trailer #2 delivered to Black Rock Farms

Th EXL-masts are made of a carbon and glass fibre composite material.   They are light weight telescopic mechanical winch and belt operated masts designed for larger and heavier top loads.

The United States Army ordered the design and manufacture of field-ready, composite antenna system capable of trans-continental broadcasts.  These 50-meter tall, telescoping antenna systems are capable of supporting a 120-kilogram payload in hurricane force winds.  Designed in Tennessee by Kintronic, for Cobham Mast Systems International of Finland, the communications systems are specifically governed by the US Congress, and may not be resold, outside of the United States for reasons related to the homeland security.   In total, the United States Army procured one hundred Cobham EXL195 antenna masts at a cost of $110,000 each, mounting one to each of fifty, 30-foot, self-contained, communications trailers. Each trailer also contains two 40-Kilowatt generators and a 5-ton HVAC system. 

Cobham EXL195 standing its full 50-meters in height

Two of the trailers acquired have been reconfigured by the PCC for use on the playa, and now provide accommodations and long-range communications for members of the camp.

Cobham EXL195 Trans-Continental Antenna System deployed to 30-meters

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