Campmates Engage at Temple

Two members of the Pathogen Trackers medical preparedness team were engaged during “white” Wednesday, in front of the Temple.    The proposal was a surprise for the bride-to-be, who found herself overcome with emotion as her future groom dropped to one knee and proposed. Following their engagement, the Louisiana couple bubbled over with excitement and a commitment to return to

New Sign Clearly Communicates Offerings

At the bequest of B.ORG management, the Pathogen Trackers camp designed and build this 7-foot tall, lighted, double-sided, panel with the help of camp founders Pat and Sue. Based in Chicago, this creative duo has a lengthy track record of creating similar signage, for a wide range of Fortune-500 customers.

Gerlach Gathers for Bar-B-Que

Posted at all the finest establishments in Gerlach and Empire, the flyer invited all to join in a pre-Burn celebration at the Water Tower. Attended by over 100 local residents, burners, and B.ORG members, the afternoon festivities were well received. At the end of the day, the only question on everyones lips, “Will this be an annual event?” To which