Hazmat Fashion Must Haves

Due to a variety of factors, all camp members will be wearing appropriate hazmat / infectious disease safety apparel when interacting with the general public.

At he direction of the camp’s Dancing Nero Radiologist, Ex Ray, the Pathogen Tracker’s team will be wearing appropriate hazmat / infectious disease garment when interacting with the people of the playa in 2019.

Demonstrating the range of movement available in contemporary Hazmat Fashion

The trend to integrate hazmat apparel into the mainstream consciousness came to the fashion forefront at Margiela’s Fall 2018 runway show during Paris Fashion Week. 

A look from Calvin Klein’s Fall 2018 collection. Photo: Imaxtree

“It all started with Raf Simons’s collection for Calvin Klein, in which models came down the runway stomping on popcorn — possibly an interpretation of nuclear ashes or singed-out cornfields — while clad in hazmat gear; brand-favorite Lulu Tenney opened the show in a burnt orange suit, embellished with glossy warning tape and enormously oversized rubber overboots. Elsewhere in the collection, we saw hazmat helmets and gloves, quilted takes on thermal foil blankets and even more warning tape gracing the hems of coats and dresses.”

Whatever the reason, be it a fear of nuclear war, preparedness for the next ebola outbreak, or concern for the 2020 elections, the Pathogen Trackers camp will be ready to both serve, and safely interact with, the people of Black Rock City.

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