Double-Sided Camp Proposed for Immersive Experience

The Pathogen Trackers theme camp has prepared a preliminary rendering for its 2019 camp layout.  The design will be among the more unique on the playa, as the well-known camp is proposing bisecting the camp along the pedestrian walkway Avenue A.

Residents who pass near the Decontamination Area will be stopped and checked for pathogens by our team of uniformed specialists.  Those who are contaminated, will be captured and taken deeper into the Decontamination Area where they are put through a multi-stage rejuvenation process of air blasting, power buffing, and antidotes blended into the compressed protein tubes and dissolved into the dihydrogen monoxide and various distillates of ethanol.  

In addition to food and drink, advanced audio systems with repetitious cadence will be used to lure contaminated persons into the Decontamination Area.  Additionally, a pair of elevated platforms, one fixed and one mechanical, will be deployed to assist in the location and observation of potential victims of the plague. For those who are highly contagious, our Aerial Quarantine Platform will lift them high-above the city, away from those unaffected by the virus.

Our new mobile Decontamination Vehicle, the D.U.ST. Collector, will also arrive this year and traverse the city, capturing the more elusive infected people and bringing them back to the Decontamination Area.  Large nets are often the best way to capture these poor souls.  

Once recovered, the now pathogen free humans are stamped CLEAN on their forehead and posterior.  They are then given an opportunity to help find more pitiful creatures that need to be decontaminated and urged to return them to the Decontamination Area however they can, even if it means creating elaborate ruses and tales. 

We all must do our part to save the city.