Campmates Participate in the Default World Too

Never let it be said that the members of the Pathogen Trackers Camp do not fully participate.  Probably one of the more unique elements of the camp is the diversity of its members, in both geography and occupation.    Over the years, the Pathogen Trackers camp has grown to include Burners from all over the US, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe.

One of the best examples of how our campmates participate in the success of the camp on and off the playa are the folks at Trinity Sling in Dallas Texas.  A second generation crane and riggings supply company, located in 70,000 square feet, our campmates at Trinity were eager to assist when they heard that a new crane had been added to our fleet.  They took delivery on March 6th after Control took it upon himself to deliver the rig from Joplin, MO to Dallas.

Over the coming months they will be evaluating the crane’s mechanics, rigging and safety equipment.  Additionally, they will be coordinating their efforts with our campmates from Chicago who are handing the engineering for the new Ariel Quarantine Platform after which Trinity Sling will be fabricating a special 10-ton lifting harness in order to safely suspend the new structure.

The Pathogen Trackers camp is always eager to welcome new campmates who can contribute their expertise on and off the playa.  If you have a special skill that you feel is relevant to furthering our mission, please let us know.