Best Burning Man Theme Camps 2019

Since it began in 1986, Burning Man has been a way for artists of all kinds to come together in what its founders called “radical self-expression.” Thirty-three years later, the week-long Nevada festival continues to be a place where people can experience something like never before. If you’re considering attending this year’s event, joining a theme camp can be an exciting way to participate. Here are some of the best Burning Man theme camps you should think about joining in 2019!

Why Join A Theme Camp?

Whether you’re a seasoned burner or new to the party, joining a camp can be one of the best ways to experience what the festival’s all about. At the festival, the camps are the party. The participants and citizens of Black Rock City make Burning Man what it is—literally. The festival itself does not provide entertainment experiences. It’s all about the interactivity of the camps.

Joining a registered theme camp allows you to take part in an established group. When you join, your camp will tell you how you can participate and co-create. There are many theme camps available, so you’re sure to find something that piques your interest and inspires your creativity.

Here are some of the best at this year’s event:

Pathogen Trackers

Pathogen Trackers is unlike any other theme camp you will find at Burning Man. Our mission is simple. We’re here to serve our fellow man. Throughout the event, we provide hydration, nourishment, and transportation to the people of the playa.

Our home base is the Pathogen Control Center (PCC), where we host daily events that draw a crowd. Everyone is welcome to participate! Our fleet of Mutation Response Vehicles support and keep self-contained many of the camp’s necessities such as on-site water tanks, power generation, walk-in refrigeration, and sufficient transport capability to haul-out all of our gear and waste in a single convoy.

Learn more, and join Pathogen Trackers for the 2019 festival!

Big Imagination

The name of the Big Imagination Foundation says it all. This non-profit is all about pushing limits and exploring new ideas through art. One of its most recent projects was the conversion of a Boeing 747 into a one-of-a-kind art experience. The plane, once a passenger jet that traveled to Brazil, now sits in the Mojave Desert. Big Imagination aimed to turn it into an art experience that made new dreams “take flight.”

But the plane project is only one example of the kind of things that Big Imagination does. These projects rely on two things: community collaboration and big thinking. That’s why it’s a perfect theme camp to visit at Burning Man.

Funky Town

If you’re looking for a daytime camp where you can enjoy the best music Burning Man has to offer, Funky Town is the perfect place. It has a unique sound that you will not find anywhere else. This camp has a reputation for a swinging Wednesday day-party. During this event, art cars of all kinds come to show off, which means that you will get to see the full spectrum of artists at the festival. While you’re there, you’ll have a full view of the playa to enjoy while sipping on a custom smoothie and listening to the funkiest jams in the desert.

Skinny Kitty Tea House

There is nothing like finding a quiet respite from the loud crowds. Daytime is also a party at Burning Man, but when the sun sets, it’s time to find a change of scene. Skinny Kitty Tea House is a place to take a break from the heat and the louder party vibe. Here, you will find an atmosphere as chill and laid-back as any beachfront. Its ambience is all about relaxing music and soft light, making it a stark contrast to the bright, loud playa. In short, it is the perfect place to kick back and recharge without completely leaving the Burning Man scene.

Every theme camp at Burning Man is a unique experience, and that is exactly the note that Skinny Kitty Tea House manages to hit. You won’t find a bar or club like this in most cities. Here, you can relax in a dark room and listen to great music or hit the dance floor. If you prefer, you can also relax and order a drink. True to its name, Skinny Kitty Tea House serves tea.

Join Us This Year!

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