How to Find a Burning Man Camp

If you’re planning to go to Burning Man this year, you may just be planning to simply attend and enjoy all the different attractions. But if you want to get the most out of the event, joining a camp may be the way to go. But there’s more to it than just asking to join. Here’s how to find a Burning Man camp that’s right for you.

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What Is A Theme Camp?

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If you have never attended Burning Man before, you may not know what a theme camp really is. To start, it’s important to know how Burning Man works. It really is all about the camps, as the festival itself does not provide any scheduled events or entertainment. Each year’s festival is what the people make of it, and that comes down to the event’s many camps.

Theme camps usually begin with a few like-minded people with a shared vision. As this vision develops, it becomes one that they want to share with many more people. Usually, the goal is to create an experience for your group and others who may come across your camp during the festival.

When you join a camp at Burning Man, you will be living with the other people in your camp. You may be sharing facilities and supplies, or you may simply be camping in the same area. Either way, you share a common goal and vision for your Burning Man experience.

How Many Camps Are There?

There are over 1,400 camps at Burning Man each year! But you may not know your options until very shortly before the event begins. The organizers of the festival usually do not release the list of the year’s theme camps until soon before the start date.

In general, however, your options will be huge. You can find almost any niche at Burning Man, from loud, large camps to quiet ones to ones that are organized around a specific activity or goal. Check out our blog post on the best burning man camps, or browse the festival’s archive of past camps for ideas!

Choosing A Camp That’s Right For You

Joining a theme camp is all about finding a goal or vision that excites you. You should join a camp because you are passionate about what it is all about. It’s a way to shape your Burning Man experience and make it something meaningful and totally unique to you and your group.

However, there are also some practical things to consider. Amenities and supplies will vary from camp to camp. Are you looking for a camp that supplies basic necessities like showers or bottled water? Are there membership dues? What sort of expectations are there for members? Be sure to ask the camp managers these kinds of questions before signing up.

How Do You Join A Theme Camp?

If the list of theme camps is not released until shortly before the start of Burning Man, how do you go about finding out what theme camps will be available?

Usually, your best option is to look at the lineup from the previous year. This may give you an idea about what to expect from the coming year. Once you find a camp that interests you, you can begin to take the steps to request to join.

Each theme camp’s requirements for prospective members may be completely unique. Some theme camps simply ask that you to email the organizers and request to join. Others require a bit of dedicated communication or even membership dues.

Taking the steps to join a theme camp at Burning Man will vary significantly from camp to camp. Some might have active websites or Facebook pages that give you directions on how to request to join. Others might require direct communication or a little more detective work.

Advice For Reaching Out To A Camp

If you are asked to reach out to camp organizers via email, put some time and effort into it. Make it clear that you have done some research and have an idea of what the camp’s vision is all about. Even more importantly, show the reasons that you are excited to be a part of that camp’s experience.

Once the theme camp organizers approve your request, ask what your next steps should be to prepare for your time at Burning Man. Of course, you should also find out where the camp will be located during the festival so you can join as soon as you arrive.

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