What is a Burning Man Theme Camp?

The Burn is not an art festival; it’s an entire city. At any other event, you will find friends camping together in their cars and tents. Burning Man could not be any more radically different.

Many people who go to Burning Man are involved in organized, approved camps. The main event is all around; it’s where people like you connect by exchanging engaging, artistic experiences with others. People form their camps to do just that. Theme Camps are the core of Black Rock City’s culture.

What is a Theme Camp?

Theme Camps are groups of attendees from Burning Man who come together to provide everyone at The Burn with a resource, performance, art, or any other immersive artistic experience. It also serves as the home where, while living on the playa, camp members sleep, eat, and take care of their needs.

Burning Man Theme Camps have gained popularity as the way most attendees are camping in Black Rock City. They’re Burning Man’s immersive foundation. Theme camps are home to groups of ten to hundreds of people from just about anywhere.

What is a Good Theme Camp Like?

For starters, all are welcome at the Pathogen Trackers camp where we focus on serving our fellow man. The Nutrient Distribution Center we manage offers lunch for hundreds of fellow burners every day while providing shade from the blazing sun. To help everybody stay hydrated, there is always a government-approved chilled water hydration station nearby.
Our Mutation Response Vehicles help in our altruistic mission and represent our base of operations to help restore the soul and satiate everyone’s hunger. From the top of MRV-1, travelers who meet a minimum age requirement are welcome to partake in a variety of ethanol distillates. MRV-2 is a safe, clean facility dedicated to healthy food preparation. MRV-3 provides our hard-working camp residents with decontamination booths.

If you want to join a Burning Man theme camp to help others during the Burn, sign up to join Pathogen Trackers at this year’s event.