Increasing Our Field Readiness

Radical Self-Reliance is a key element of the Pathogen Trackers strategy for field readiness. Adding 25-ton’s of lift capacity, on a 90-foot boom, gravity will not stop us from our mission. Never agai will we be found asking another organization for assistance.

Trans-Continental Antenna & Satellite Uplink

The Pathogen Command Center has acquired two, thirty-foot communications trailers, each affixed with a 50-meter, heavy-lift antenna system.  Th EXL-masts are made of a carbon and glass fibre composite material.   They are light weight telescopic mechanical winch and belt operated masts designed for larger and heavier top loads. The United States Army ordered the design and manufacture of field-ready, composite

Rough-Terrain Forklift embraces Principal of Radical Self-Reliance

During field deployment in 2016, the Pathogen Trackers camp came under adverse scrutiny for its request of B.ORG organizers to assist in the movement of a 1,000-lb electrical transformer. Although the assistance was never provided, simply asking for the help resulted in a lengthy exchange and ultimately a sanction against the Pathogen Trackers camp. The following summer, the Pathogen Control