Conducting Your First Line Sweep

Leaving No Trace is easily the most important principle of Burning Man. If we couldn’t sustain that one, there is no Black Rock City anymore. But nevertheless Leave No Trace is not only about the playa; it is about the whole planet. Burners have always been environmentalists. It’s who we are. How to Conduct a Line Sweep Bonus Step! In

What is a Burning Man Theme Camp?

The Burn is not an art festival; it’s an entire city. At any other event, you will find friends camping together in their cars and tents. Burning Man could not be any more radically different. Many people who go to Burning Man are involved in organized, approved camps. The main event is all around; it’s where people like you connect

Masks for The Burn

The Black Rock Desert is known for its white-out storms of dust that stop the city at any time, day or night. Winds can reach up to 80 mph (130 km/h), causing unsafe whiteout conditions that, without proper equipment, can cause you to choke on the playa dust. Veteran burners can guarantee that breathing in too much playa dust can

The Art of Gifting

Gifts are given unconditionally in the culture of Burning Man. These gifts are fairly easy to accept in the case of people who contribute to our community, and it is only natural to acknowledge these gifts and their givers. Here are some ways your fellow burners celebrate the art of giving. Lend a Helping Hand Most of the time, people

Essential Burning Man Lingo

Interested in attending Burning Man for the first time but have no idea what MOOP is or what a burning man theme camp is? Have no fear, young Newbie. You’re about to attend the unparalleled party of a lifetime in an isolated desert, unlike anything you’ve encountered before. Ease your fears with this list of essential Burning Man lingo so

What To Bring To Burning Man

If you’re heading to Burning Man for the first time, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. You’re about to attend the party of a lifetime in a remote desert, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Ease your worries with this list of what to bring to Burning Man so you can have a safe, fun, and fulfilling time! A Large

Best Burning Man Theme Camps 2019

Since it began in 1986, Burning Man has been a way for artists of all kinds to come together in what its founders called “radical self-expression.” Thirty-three years later, the week-long Nevada festival continues to be a place where people can experience something like never before. If you’re considering attending this year’s event, joining a theme camp can be an

Double-Sided Camp Proposed for Immersive Experience

The Pathogen Trackers theme camp has prepared a preliminary rendering for its 2019 camp layout. The design will be among the more unique on the playa, as the well-known camp is proposing bisecting the camp along the pedestrian walkway Avenue A. Residents who pass near the Decontamination Area will be stopped and checked for pathogens by our team of uniformed

Modeling Completed for Camp’s Newest Additions

With just over 200 days until The Man burns, member’s of the Pathogen Control Center are already hard at wok preparing for the field deployment of the Pathogen Trackers camp. A key element of the camp’s interactivity will be the converted Link-Belt HTC-822Scrane and the Aerial Quarantine Platform (a/k/a SkyBar). However, before submitting the camp’s layout for approval to the

Hazmat Fashion Must Haves

Due to a variety of factors, all camp members will be wearing appropriate hazmat / infectious disease safety apparel when interacting with the general public. At he direction of the camp’s Dancing Nero Radiologist, Ex Ray, the Pathogen Tracker’s team will be wearing appropriate hazmat / infectious disease garment when interacting with the people of the playa in 2019. The