Check Out These Regional Burning Man Events

Burning Man has acted as a cultural center for those who oppose the status quo since its founding in 1986. Everyone becomes a participant. Burning Man is home to (and quite honestly necessitates) your true self-expression, from artisans to performers, composers to craftsmen.

Participants, commonly known as Burners, gather in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, annually for this week-long event. This journey is the centerpiece of the Burning Man schedule for the year. Most Burners, though, follow the 10 Principles throughout the year, and regional Burning Man gatherings have sprung up across the world over the last 30 years.


Taking the ten principles and the desert atmosphere of Nevada, travel halfway around the globe, and you’ll have AfrikaBurn. At The Stonehenge Private Reserve, 13,000 sand-covered attendees converge to establish their own South African “jol.” You’ll encounter art installations, mutated vehicles, and enough dust to forget whether you’ve ever left Black Rock City.


Burning Seed

Like all Burning Man events, Burning Seed, located in Mantong State Forest, Australia, puts a strong focus on the principle of gifting. There is no cash trade, your gifts and resources are the only approved products. The art installations, campgrounds, and lively enthusiasm are a result of your radical self-reliance. Come prepared to last the festival (and maybe more) with your survival equipment arsenal and plenty of water.

Burning Seed


MidBurn has become one of Burning Man’s most popular regional events at an early age. This 6-day festival is held in the center of the Negev Desert, Israel, remaining true to the Nevada burn’s sandy tinge. While this local activity is still in its early phases, there is no lack of ingenuity pouring through the collective art installations on this desert stage.

Where the Sheep Sleep

Where the Sheep Sleep is a recent Burning Man regional event hosted in the Netherlands’ woodlands of Apeldoorn. This festival offers the chance for European burners to meet and live the lifestyle of the Burning Man without the 13-hour trip to Nevada. Burners “Leave No Trace,” a procedure in which the festival does not leave any physical evidence.

Pathogen Trackers

Pathogen Trackers is a Burning Man camp that offers a unique theme experience. We are dedicated to serving our fellow burners by giving them whatever they need — whether it’s food, water, shelter, or traveling around the playa. Learn more about our mission and how to join us at this year’s event in Nevada!