Conducting Your First Line Sweep

Leaving No Trace is easily the most important principle of Burning Man. If we couldn’t sustain that one, there is no Black Rock City anymore. But nevertheless Leave No Trace is not only about the playa; it is about the whole planet. Burners have always been environmentalists. It’s who we are.

How to Conduct a Line Sweep

Pathogen Trackers sweep

Bonus Step!

In the Pathogen Trackers camp, we take mooping to the next level by sweeping our entire area after cleaning up. After the sweeping, we take pictures and video the area from every angle before the last truck drives off, just in case something falls off the vehicle of anyone else and lands inside our boundary.

Join a Burning Man Camp

Pathogen Trackers is a theme camp for Burning Man providing Burners a memorable experience. Through offering them everything they need— either food, water, shade, or transportation around the playa — we commit ourselves to help our fellow burners. Read more about our purpose at this year’s Burn and how to support us:

Pathogen Trackers sweep